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How to mold and cast in resin the human figure (sculpture)

Learn how to make perfect molds and copies with traditional technique. SOLID RESIN. Suitable for Bronzes
Make a mold of silicon rubber and resin with fiberglass
Create a rigid and durable piece of filled resin (without fiberglass)
Replicate small or medium-dimensional figures, be it an original sculpture or an object that you love
Understand three-dimensional shapes and undercuts (there is an explanatory pdf)
Use the resin correctly
Prepare the desired color of resin and make the figure of the color you prefer

More than 100 students in the Spanish version

This course allows you to learn how to make three-dimensional pieces of full and solid resin from an original anatomical sculpture: it can be a piece of your creation or simply a piece that you love.

To achieve this, we will carry out the entire process step by step: we will create a silicone rubber mold with fiberglass and resin shell  and we will make the “casting” of solid resin (the final result).

Once you make a silicon rubber mold, you can make numerous pieces from these: just repeat the process of “casting” as many times as you want, all will be identical to the original object.

This is very important: we will make a kind of mold that is not very common in United States, because it has a resin shell that allow you to save a lot of silicone (the most expensive material here), instead of the classic “box mold” where you pour silicone in a sealed box containing the sculpture. In this class you will learn how to make a think silicon layer mold so you’ll save a great deal of money. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that!


You can create replicas of your own modeling in clay, epoxy, ceramics etc or replicate other pieces of rigid material.

This technique allows you to create more than one piece from the original modeling. The final piece can be filled resin without fiberglass (as in this video), resin and fiberglass, plaster or cement, any other material

This technique is the  premise for

– the technique of lost wax in bronze. From this same mold can be made waxes that in the foundry are used to create the final bronzes

– in the ART TOYS industry to create identical models that you can then customize, modify and intervene.

Know the most indicated and professional materials and the creative process step by step.

Make your own piece thanks to simple and clear instructions.

IMPORTANT: this course teaches a different technique regarding the course “Silicon molds and replicas in fiberglass”. In what way are they different?

1)  slightly difference in the use of the silicon

2)  we will make full pieces (more suitable for small pieces)

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