Taming REGEX

Written by Paul Ogier

26th Mar 2020

Taming REGEX - A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions

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This online Udemy course will teach you how to use Regex to clean, interrogate and manipulate your data.

This Regular Expressions course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of Regex, Regexes or Regexp (sometimes called a rational expression).

Do you want to Master Regular Expressions but you are a beginner? Have you used Regex before but you are not confident?

Welcome to Taming.Tech’s REGEX Course. No previous Regular Expressions experience required!
This course is designed to advance you from beginner to proficient. It is laid out logically so that you can incrementally build your regular expressions knowledge. Essential foundations are established first to facilitate in-depth comprehension of this key skill.
The real world and real-life examples explored in this course will deepen your understanding of REGEX and how to apply what you’ve learnt authentically and appropriately. Experimentation with a new skill is vital in exercising and integrating wider application; which is why we’ll explore practical examples because it ingrains the information contained here.

Get the Full Taming Regex Course Here!

Our world is pretty much run by data now and those who know how to intelligently interrogate and manage data have a distinct advantage. Regular expressions unlock the powerful possibilities of any data set.

Data analysis is vital in a variety of industries and circumstances and being able to deploy and utilise this formidable tool will strengthen your skills set, enhance your confidence and give you an edge.

What am I going to get from this Regex course?

  • Are you battling to learn Regex?
  • Have you tried many Regular Expression courses on Udemy and YouTube and you are still not getting it?
  • Are you a programmer who avoids using Regex because you are not confident?
  • Are you a beginner and you have heard about this and are not sure where to start?
  • As a Data Scientist, you know that this will help you query and clean data, but you don't have a proper foundation to start from.
  • Have you started programming in Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java etc. and you need to have a better understanding of Regular Expressions?
  • Are you using Google Sheets to clean data up and you would like to make the process faster?
  • Are you a system administrator using PowerShell and you would like to run scripts that make your job easier?

Get the Full Taming Regex Course Here!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to get better at manipulating data in Python, JavaScript, PowerShell etc.
  • Anyone who is looking for practical real-world examples of how to apply their REGEX knowledge once learnt.
  • ASPnet, Python, JavaScript, PHP Developers and programmers looking to enhance their skills to enable them to produce better applications.
  • Anyone who is involved in data analysis.

While there are plenty of Regex courses that go through the basics, it's hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which is for beginner to advanced data analysis.

This course is designed for all levels of users who want to improve their skills, learn how to create their own Regular Expressions, learn how to read other people's code and those who want to have an important skill in programming and data analysis.

What are the requirements?

  • No prior knowledge of Regular Expressions is required.

Get the Full Taming Regex Course Here!

Types of Regex you will learn

  • Literal Characters
  • Metacharacters or Special Characters
  • The Caret
  • The period Metacharacter
  • Shorthand Character Classes
  • Non-Printable Characters
  • Character Sets and Ranges
  • Negating a Character Set or Range
  • Using Metacharacters inside a Character Set or Range
  • Modes / Flags
  • Anchors / Positional Anchors
  • Word Anchors and Input file boundaries
  • Repetition with Quantifiers - the ?, *, + Quantifiers
  • Greedy, Lazy and Possessive Quantifiers
  • Capturing Groups and Backreferences
  • Alternation with The Vertical Bar or Pipe Symbol
  • Positive and Negative Lookaheads and Lookbehinds
  • and more!

Regex Examples we will be working on

  • Working with Hexadecimal Colours
  • Matching IPv4 addresses
  • Date Matching and Manipulation
  • Password Matching in Python, PHP and HTML5
  • Email Matching
  • and more!

Improve Your skills, Acquire Clients or impress your boss, And Make More Money

Regardless of what your level of experience is, or what language you program in, including Python, PHP, JavaScript, Grep, PowerShell etc, this in-depth course is designed to provide you with everything you need to take your skills to the next level.

Who is the Instructor?

Paul Ogier, the lead trainer at Taming.Tech who has vast experience with all types of programming.

Upon qualifying as a teacher with a double major in Mathematics and Technical Drawing in 1998, Paul Ogier started teaching at a prestigious school in Johannesburg, South Africa. Paul has never lost his love of teaching but quickly realised that his career ambitions needed additional outlets. This resulted in his move into running and supporting Windows and Redhat networks.

Having found his groove, he opened an IT Support Company that was soon supporting schools and companies with up to 5000 users. His focus on education was evidenced in that company’s commitment to internal training. This supported his staff moving from basic levels through the ranks to being headhunted by government and corporate entities.

Continued education is a personal mantra and necessity in today’s IT environment.

Our Guarantee

We have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, we will refund your course - no questions asked!

We can't wait to see you in the course!

Enrol now, and we'll help you use Regular Expressions better!

Get the Full Taming Regex Course Here!

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Taming REGEX

This course is designed to advance you from beginner to proficient. It is laid out logically so that you can incrementally build your regular expressions knowledge. Essential foundations are established first to facilitate in-depth comprehension of this key skill.

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