Taming.Tech develops instructional videos and tutorials that focus on technology.

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Here we focus on informative courses, training videos, podcasts, tutorials and webinars about technology. How to fully use, utilize, understand and effectively administer SaaS, software and applications.
How we work
We love cost-effective approaches and our online learning platform gives you life-time access to courses purchased.

Online courses also make the onboarding process easier for the company and the new staff member - freeing up resources, allowing self-paced training without breaking the bank.

We recently supplied a school with training for all their staff at a third of the cost of what they were spending on one day of in person training! 

With over 5 500 students around the world that provide us with feedback and engagement, we are continually updating our course offerings.
Technical IT Courses
Instruction is centred around logical steps, real world examples and time-saving approaches to improve your understanding and make you more effective in your chosen role or prepare you for the position you are working towards.

Our courses are comprehensive, detailed, easy to use and filled with pro-tips. Because we have decades of real life business and education experience, we understand the challenges facing users and administrators and work towards getting you as proficient as possible in as little time as possible.
Practical Knowledge
Our format of short, effective lessons means you can learn when and where it suits you. Learning is made easy without crowding your already busy calendar. Watch a lesson, try it out yourself, explore the techniques in a sandbox or real environment, and move on when you’re ready.
Continued education is a necessity into today’s business environment.

What we love about eLearning, also known as online learning, distance learning, computer-based learning or self-paced learning, is that it is a cost-effective way to upskill yourself and your staff.

Our courses are designed for easy quick reference with clear chapter markings and loads of free resources and tips and tricks gleaned from our own experience of dealing with companies in diverse industries.
Video Courses
We all learn differently, and multimedia learning enables everyone to learn in their own way.

This engaging format helps us retain more of what we learn online, than what we learn in a traditional setting, because with eLearning we can learn at our own pace, pause and replay when we need, listening and seeing exactly how to carry out a process in an engaging way.

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This is what some of our students have said about our courses.
Most excellent. Far better than a class I'm taking at a local community college, and at a lower cost. The availability of the material online for "refresh and review" as our company gets further involved with Google Workspace is priceless. The first run through the course was an excellent overview of what Workspace is, and what can be done with it in a corporate setting.
James H.
Taming Google Workspace (G Suite) - An Administrator Guide
Laurence and Paul, thank you for the time spent making this an easy to follow course! all I can say is WOW!

I recommend this course to anyone that comes from an Office 365 background and needs to learn Google Workspace. This is detailed, the resources work and the instruction is clear!
Delilah N.
The Complete Workspace (G Suite) Course, Beginner - Advanced
This was an excellent course! Paul explains things in a way that makes the subject easy to follow. All you need to do is just practice and apply what you learn, and you'll be on your way leveraging this powerful tool/skill!
Adam Araujo
Taming Regular Expressions (REGEX) - A Complete Guide

Taming Tech, The Podcast