Taming.Tech develops instructional videos and tutorials that focus on technology.

We publish IT centred courses for the general public on the Udemy platform. Udemy sets the benchmark, is a sustainable global platform, is cost effective and has 50 million students worldwide.

Our videos provide helpful and insightful real-life examples to make topics meaningful and relevant so that you can incorporate your new found knowledge in a practical way.

We also develop custom made courses. Video instruction is a cost effective way to keep organisational knowledge for onboarding staff and staff development. The content belongs to your organisation and can be used multiple times.Instead of instructors having to train people numerous times on the same content we can perfect the content once for you and let your people learn at their own pace.

Current Udemy Courses

Advanced Date Matching with Regex - 2 methods to validate

Are you looking to do an advanced date matching and validation with Regular Expressions? Are you trying to make sure that your validation takes into account months with 30 and 31 days, and that pesky February who has 28 days and then every 4 years it has 29 days?!

Taming G Suite Course

This Complete Administrator’s Guide to Google G Suite walks you through the step by step process of setting up G Suite (Google Apps for Your Domain or Google Apps for Education) as fast as possible. I focus on the best practices and explain why each step and setting is important. I also take you through real-life scenarios you may encounter and show you how to address each one.

Taming REGEX

This course is designed to advance you from beginner to proficient. It is laid out logically so that you can incrementally build your regular expressions knowledge. Essential foundations are established first to facilitate in-depth comprehension of this key skill.

Video instruction works well for all learning types whether visual, audio or kinesthetic. Not only do people prefer to watch videos because they are more engaging but our brains retain more information when watching a video than from reading text.

Video learning is mobile and versatile. You can listen to a video while going for a run or watch a video while you’re cooking. “When the student is ready the teacher will come” in this digital era became when the student is ready they will switch the teacher on.

This medium allows everyone to learn at the pace that they are comfortable with. Finding that section a bit difficult? No worries, replay it as many times as works for you.

Want to provide information in an engaging format in multiple languages? No problem. We can either add closed captions or voice overs in the languages of your choice.

Our professional instructors are led by Paul Ogier; a qualified teacher with a double major and years of teaching experience in both an academic as well as business settings. This makes him perfectly suited to develop curricula and programmes. He is also well versed in graphic design, backend administration, videography and editing.

Contact us if you would like a course developed for your company, school or organisation.


- Working with companies and schools to provide distance and remote learning for their staff and learners.

- Converting a text based or outdated course into video to improve retention and value to your students.

- Getting courses translated into various languages including voice dubbing and translating and editing subtitles.

- Helping others put their courses up on various platforms, by filming, editing and promoting courses.
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Teaching Coding Online


Regex annoyed me. Then I found Paul’s course. Well worth the money and time invested. The reason it’s worth it isn’t because of the content, no the content is actually tedious and annoying… it’s worth it because of how he positions the content, walks you through it and explains it in an INTUITIVE way. If more people taught the way Paul does, we’d be a smarter planet. Also the jokes are on ‘a neighborhood of dads’ level.
Eugenio Parages
This course is excellent. It provides you with the foundations to start working with G Suite. The instructor is fully committed to his teaching. He has focused on key topics, such as: Controlling Spam within G Suite Email with SPF and DKIM, creating a control CSV file for user accounts and using Google Vault. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
Eugenio Parages
A very informative and detailed course that covered G Suite features. It took me though all the steps in setting up and managing the solution. Paul gave good examples of how his current clients use certain features. That helped in deciding among the alternatives. Would recommend this course for any person who is implementing and running the solution. As there are separate lessons each ‘video’ can serve as a quick user guide when addressing a specific function.
Eugenio Parages
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