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Taming.Tech develops instructional videos and tutorials that focus on technology.

Taming.Tech develops instructional videos and tutorials that focus on technology.

We create IT centred courses. Our courses are published on the Udemy platform and select courses are available on Michael Management. A few of our courses are also available for direct purchase on this site. 

Our videos provide helpful and insightful real-life examples to make topics meaningful and relevant so that you can incorporate your new found knowledge in a practical way. 

eLearning also known as online learning, distance learning, computer-based learning or self-paced learning is a cost effective way to upskill yourself or your staff. We recently supplied a school with training for their all staff at a third of the cost of what they were spending on one day of in person traditional training!

We all learn differently and multimedia learning enables everyone to learn in their own way. The engaging format helps us retain more of what we learn online, at our own pace, with short, effective lessons, than what we learn in a traditional classroom.



Sculpture: How to Sculpt a Human Head

In this course you will learn how to do a realistic human head from start to finish with the international artist Alex Oliver. It’s an incredible course for both beginners...


Learn sculpture

MORE THAN 700 STUDENTS IN THE SPANISH VERSION! Learn to make a sculpture modeled in traditional plasticine (oil clay): the course guides you step by step in the creation of structures,...


SAP : Supply Chain Logistics in R/3

Why this course? This course covers the SAP Supply Chain process and covers the topics of sales, logistics execution, transportation, warehouse and much, much, more. Unlike other SAP course that...


Learn SAP Course – Online Beginner Training

Join over 600+ students in this SAP Beginner Video Training course. SAP is the most popular enterprise business system used by the biggest organisations in the world to help run...


SAP SD Training – in Plain English

** Disclaimer ** –   I do NOT do Live Training. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries. I am NOT associated with SAP. SAP software and SAP GUI...

Why Our Courses?


- Working with companies and schools to provide distance and remote learning for their staff and learners.

- Converting a text based or outdated course into video to improve retention and value to your students.

- Getting courses translated into various languages including voice dubbing and translating and editing subtitles.

- Helping others put their courses up on various platforms, by filming, editing and promoting courses.


This accessible studying medium allows everyone to learn at the pace that they are comfortable with. Finding that section a bit difficult? No worries, replay it as many times as works for you. 


We also develop custom made courses. Video instruction is a cost effective way to keep organisational knowledge, for onboarding staff and staff development. The content belongs to your organisation and can be used multiple times. Instead of instructors having to train people numerous times on the same content we can perfect the content once for you and let your people learn at their own pace.


Want to provide information in an engaging format in multiple languages? No problem. We can either add closed captions or voice overs in the languages of your choice.

Mobile learning

Video learning is mobile and versatile. You can listen to a video while going for a run or watch a video while you’re cooking. “When the student is ready the teacher will come” in this digital era became when the student is ready they will switch the teacher on.

Video Instruction

Video instruction works well for all learning types whether visual, audio or kinesthetic. Not only do people prefer to watch videos because they are more engaging but our brains retain more information when watching a video than from reading text.

Professional Instructors

Our professional instructors are led by Paul Ogier; a qualified teacher with a double major and years of teaching experience in both an academic as well as business settings. This makes him perfectly suited to develop curricula and programmes. He is also well versed in graphic design, backend administration, videography and editing.

Contact us if you would like a course developed for your company, school or organisation.

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What Students Say

Taming REGEX – A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions

5 Star Course
This is by far the best overview I have found on the internet for Regular Expressions.

Blue Echo

Taming REGEX – A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions

5 Star Course

Regex annoyed me. Then I found Paul’s course. Well worth the money and time invested. The reason it’s worth it isn’t because of the content, no the content is actually tedious and annoying… it’s worth it because of how he positions the content, walks you through it and explains it in an INTUITIVE way. If more people taught the way Paul does, we’d be a smarter planet. Also, the jokes are on ‘a neighbourhood of dads’ level..

Eugenio Parages

Taming REGEX – A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions

5 Star Course

This was an excellent course! Paul explains things in a way that makes the subject easy to follow. All you need to do is just practice and apply what you learn, and you’ll be on your way leveraging this powerful tool/skill!

Adam Araujo

Taming REGEX – A Complete Guide to Regular Expressions

5 Star Course

I’m familiar with some of this topic already, so a novice. Generally a good speed do far. I’m about six lessons in. I like his style, he keeps my attention by being lively and somewhat entertaining, a good balance. I like and use some of the same tools that he uses and the fact that he’s using web based services (think it was regex101) to teach and demonstrate with has been great as it provides a sidebar of really helpful info as he goes along with his instruction and it’s something you can get access to free for yourself too..

Vincent Mohr

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