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I’m familiar with some of this topic already, so not a novice. I like his style, he keeps my attention by being lively and somewhat entertaining, a good balance. I like and use some of the same tools that he uses and the fact that he’s using web based services (think it was regex101) to teach and demonstrate with has been great as it provides a sidebar of really helpful info as he goes along with his instruction.
Vincent Mohr
Taming Regular Expressions (REGEX) - A Complete Guide
This course actually helps me to understand the configurations to some of the functions I have been using all these while without details knowledge of how I can use them better.
Olushola Olalekan Hambolu
The Complete Workspace (G Suite) Course, Beginner - Advanced
Paul is pretty dang funny! This course shows you how "The Office" is run with Google G Suite! Setup from bare bones to full on G Suite managed business. Great explanation of how to get started and what is needed and very important things NOT to do during initial setup. There were many things that I picked up that were of value outside the G Suite ecosystem. Thanks Paul for the valuable information in this course!
Jose Murillo
Taming Google Workspace (G Suite) - An Administrator Guide