Paul Ogier
Upon qualifying as a teacher with a double major in Mathematics and Technical Drawing, Paul Ogier started teaching at a prestigious high school in Johannesburg, South Africa. Paul never lost his love of teaching, but quickly realised that his career ambitions needed additional outlets. This resulted in his move into running and supporting Windows and Redhat networks.
Continued education is a personal mantra and necessity in today’s IT environment. Over the years Paul explored many self-learning avenues and achieved professional proficiency in HTML, CSS, Website development, ASP,, MS SQL, JavaScript, Python, PHP and MySQL. He has also implemented and set up the backend for support systems and CRMs.

Having found his groove, he opened an IT Support Company that was soon supporting schools and companies with up to 5000 users as well as developing backends and intranets for private companies. Paul has provided training to numerous schools on school administration and backend software.

Taming.Tech is an evolution of his journey and passion for learning that allows him to provide training to students throughout the world. He is comfortable with face to face or remote training sessions of technical staff or in house training and development.
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