Regular Expression (Regex) examples in Python, PHP, HTML5, Sheets and PowerShell for you to practice on.

Regular Expressions (REGEX) - A Complete Guide. No previous Regular Expressions experience required! This is the perfect course if you want to learn all about Regular Expressions in 2021.

Regular expressions are also referred to as Regex, Regexes or Regexp (sometimes called a rational expression)

This course is designed to advance you from beginner to proficient. It is laid out logically so that you can incrementally build your regular expressions knowledge. Essential Regex foundations are established first to facilitate in-depth comprehension of this key skill.

The real world and real-life examples explored in this course will deepen your understanding of Regular Expressions and how to apply what you’ve learnt authentically and appropriately. Experimentation with a new skill is vital in exercising and integrating wider application; which is why we’ll explore practical Regular Expression examples because it ingrains the information contained here.

Our world is pretty much run by data now and those that know how to intelligently interrogate and manage data have a distinct advantage. Regular expressions unlock the powerful possibilities of any data set.

Data analysis is vital in a variety of industries and circumstances and being able to deploy and utilise this formidable tool will strengthen your skills set, enhance your confidence and give you an edge.


Are you battling to learn Regex?

Have you tried many Regular Expression courses on Udemy and YouTube and you are still not getting it?

Are you a programmer that avoids using Regex because you are not confident?

Are you a beginner and you have heard about this and are not sure where to start?

As a Data Scientist, you know that this will help you query and clean data, but you don't have a proper foundation to start from.

Have you started programming in Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java etc and you need to have a better understanding of Regular Expressions?

Are you using Google Sheets to clean data up and you would like to make the process faster?

Are you a system administrator using PowerShell and you would like to run scripts that make your job easier?

Do you know REGEX? How about advanced REGEX? Date Matching? Regular Expressions with Leap Years?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions - then you NEED this course!

HOW CONFIDENT AM I? Take this course. If you don't learn everything you need to know about Regular Expressions (Regex) in the next 30 days, I'll refund every penny!

regex course udemy 2021

What questions do we answer?

And the full 30 day no-questions-asked Udemy instant guarantee is your assurance of the quality and potential of this course.

regex course 2021

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Here are some recent reviews for this Regex course...

5 Star - Paul is the best instructor I've ever had on any online course. If you want to learn Regex, this is a course that you must to finish. - Aleksandar Zivanovic

5 Star - This course definitely breaks down RegEx into very digestible pieces and I actually used lessons learned in the first section to solve a problem at work! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn RegEx! - N. Home

5 Star - One of the most fantastic course you can take to get you started on RegEx!!!! - Edj Wright

5 Star - This is by far the best overview I have found on the internet for Regular Expressions. - Blue Echo

5 Star - Regex can be a tricky beast to tame, but this course certainly helps one to get to grips with it. The course goes in to great depth and has plenty of good examples to explore. I was particularly interested in the Python and PowerShell sections, however the entire course is very informative. - Bryan Smith

Regular expressions regex Udemy 2021

Let’s get started!

Learn How to Deploy Your Google Workspace (G Suite) with These Easy-To-Follow Tutorials

Taming Google Workspace - A Complete Administrator's Guide (Previously G Suite)

Now over 1800 students and over 500 5-star reviews. See our reviews below.

Latest course updates added in September 2020. And we are adding more to this as we go and as we are asked questions about Google G Suite. Jump onto the Q&A and ask your questions!

Google Workspace Course Rating

Want to get your company / school / network up and running on G Suite?

This Complete Administrator’s Guide to Workspace (Google G Suite) walks you through the step by step process of setting up Workspace / G Suite (Google Apps for Your Domain or Google Apps for Education) as fast as possible. I focus on the best practices and explain why each step and setting is important. I also take you through real-life scenarios you may encounter and show you how to address each one. Google Workspace Setup is covered in detail!

Who is this course suitable for? Who should do this course?

If you are a complete beginner, or if you are a Workspace (Google G Suite) Administrator (or still call yourselves a "Google Apps" admin) and know your way around the admin console, this course is for you.

Setting up Google Workspace using the UI is one thing, but do you want to be more productive by using the command line? We have a course on using GAM and GAMADV-XTD3 with Google Workspace here. We also have a course on using your Google Workspace for end-users, including Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Sites etc.

If you are currently looking at the "Google Cloud certification in Google Workspace (Google G Suite)", "Google Workspace (Google G Suite) Administration Specialization" or the "Professional Collaboration Engineer Exam" this course will explain in layman terms the way to set up Workspace (Google G Suite) for your users and get you well on your way to the first steps in preparing for your exam.

If you are coming off Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft / Office 365 and want to expand your knowledge, this course will take your current knowledge and expand on it. Are you looking to migrate from Office 365 to Google Workspace (Google G Suite)? We have a full section to help you do that.

5 star review for Google Workspace admin course

What can I expect from this course? What will I be able to do?

On completion of this course, you will be able to complete common administrative tasks in the G Suite admin console and advise on best practices for your organisational structures, users and groups. You will also be able to monitor security events and risks and put in place the necessary measures to protect your users and organisational data.

What are some specifics covered in this course?

In managing G Suite you will be looking at some basic and advanced topics, including:

What questions do we answer?

Google G Suite Administrator course rating on Google Workspace setup

And the full 30 day no-questions-asked Udemy instant guarantee is your assurance of the quality and potential of this course.

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Here are some recent reviews for this G Suite course...

5 Star - This course is excellent. It provides you with the foundations to start working with G Suite. The instructor is fully committed to his teaching. He has focused on key topics, such as: Controlling Spam within G Suite Email with SPF and DKIM, creating a control CSV file for user accounts and using Google Vault. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. - Monica

5 Star - This is an excellent course, Will recommend it to any Fellow Gsuite Admins!!! - Edoardo Venter

5 Star - A very informative and detailed course that covered G Suite features. It took me through all the steps in setting up and managing the solution. Paul gave good examples of how his current clients use certain features. That helped in deciding among the alternatives. Would recommend this course for any person who is implementing and running the solution. As there are separate lessons each ‘video’ can serve as a quick user guide when addressing a specific function. - Alan

5 Star - I have been battling with Google cloud directory sync for a long time and then watching 2 videos in this course, solved it for me. Worth every cent. - Eamir Mansouri

5 Star - This was a fantastic course for someone with technical knowledge, but new to G Suite. The lessons were detailed and easy to follow, with no extra fluff. Highly recommended if you are just getting started with G Suite or if you are ready to take your basic knowledge to the next level. - Julie Cockburn

Get started with your Google Workspace setup now!

Welcome to the Complete Google Workspace (G Suite) Course, covering Google Docs, Sheets and Sheets Advanced topics, Slides, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Forms, Meet etc

Loaded with tips and tricks, resources and helpful information ready to help you learn Google Workspace (Previously called G Suite and Google Apps for Business).

Work faster and smarter, do more with G Suite. Explore how to get more productive - make use of all the amazing features that GSuite has to offer.

G Suite is perfect for workplace collaboration, communications and productivity. You can also use your own personal Gmail account for free!

G Suite Apps work seamlessly together allowing uses to collaborate on files, create documents, build spreadsheets, and so much more. G Suite has the tools to boost your productivity.

Covers everything you need to know about using Google in your Workplace.

Are you a Google Workspace Admin? You may be interested in 2 of our other courses, TAMING GAM - A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GAM AND GAMADV-XTD3 and TAMING GOOGLE WORKSPACE (G SUITE) - AN ADMINISTRATOR GUIDE

Find out more about Google Chrome -It is a fast web browser and easy to use. This course will cover tips and tricks of Google Chrome, useful plugins and advanced settings.

Discover Google Gmail - Rediscover what you can do with Gmail, setup and optimize your Email settings. Benefits of using Gmail with email tips and email productivity. Get quick tips and do more with Gmail.

Explore Google Calendar - Discover how to effectively use Google Calendar. Calendar lets you keep track of important events, share your schedule, and create multiple calendars.

Get to know Google Drive - At the core of the G Suite Apps is Google Drive. Store files and access from anywhere set permissions and share with others. There are many benefits to using Google Drive. Collaborate and share files, search and find with ease.

Google Workspace Course Rating

Get inspired with Google Docs -find out more about the amazing features that Google Docs has to help you brainstorm and work together to create documents. Create documents, add images, updates styling, edit and use the doc tools to get things done. Fast simple and easy to use with this guide to master Google Docs along with top hacks, tips and tricks.

Take charge of your data with Google Sheets in a sheet - The Google Spreadsheet called Google Sheets in this section is loaded with amazing tips, tricks and ways to format your data. Your data is organized and presented in the way you need it. This is just what you need to sort your data. Work with others - collaborate and share. Take

Create, edit and collaborate with Google Slides - present your ideas with ease to everyone. The cloud allows you to present anywhere, professional stunning presentations you can create with an easy to use interface.

Connect with others using Google Meet - Hold video meetings with people inside or outside of your organization. Video conference with international teams, hold remote interviews, conduct webinars, and more. Collaborate in video meetings, record meetings, learn productivity tips for Meet.

Build your own website with Google Sites. Drag and drop to create your website in minutes, add your Google Documents share to your team or to the world, it's up to you. Using a modern easy to use webpage builder allows anyone to jump right in and build web pages easily.

Discover Google Forms and see what you can do with Google Forms - Forms lets you manage event registrations, create quizzes, analyze responses, and more. It's easy to create your own quizzes, surveys, and gather user responses.

Google Keep and Tasks help you organize your content and ideas.

Google Workspace can do it all!

Google Gmail and Mail

Gmail lets you send and search for messages, organize your inbox, and build relationships with integrated chat and video meetings. Gmail is perfect for any organization. Get real-time messages and notifications with security in mind. Accessing and emailing made easy - the way it should be. Not taking away from your busy schedule and working that way you need it. Gmail is an effective way to stay in contact and manage your communications. Even without the internet, you can draft messages that can be made ready to send out when you’re back online. This section is loaded with tips and helpful demos of how you can save time and be more effective with Gmail. Easily elevate communications to video, chat and connect to other G Suite products.

What can you do with Gmail?

By the end of this course, you will have learnt all the secrets of Gmail and save hours a week with the productivity shortcuts. We look at how to reply to mail faster with Canned Responses

5 Star review on Google G Suite Course

Google Calendar

Google Drive

Google Docs

The best thing about Google Docs is how people actually want to use it - easy to get started with and very flexible in how you use it. The Google Docs section is designed to help you learn more about Google Docs - sharing tips and tricks. Loaded with examples allowing you to decide how you want to use it.

Many students often ask how to improvise their workflow - how to save time and use docs more effectively - this section is designed to answer those questions as well as open the door to some amazing functionality that you might not have known about.

What can you do with Google Docs?

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free, secure and powerful spreadsheet application that enables anyone to organise, extract, analyse and manage data in a collaborative or individual environment across devices. You will learn formulas, methods and logic that you will be able to use in either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Create beautiful spreadsheets with step by step guides.

Anyone looking to keep their figure work safe and secure in an environment that they can access anywhere without having to install any software.

Sheets is the perfect app for managing your personal budget, small business inventory or managing a global sales team because it scales.

This course is for you if you’ve never worked with Sheets or similar programs such as MS Excel. We start at the beginning, get you comfortable with the fundamentals and then build on that foundation as we guide you through the advanced features of this application.

Sheets is a free, no installation required app that is designed to capture, managed, analyse and interrogate numbers and data.

Because Google Sheets is cloud-based you don’t need expensive storage options and you can access them from home or work or on vacation.

Sheets is ideal for individuals or people working in teams, across time zones and spread out geographically.

This section of the Google G Suite course, could be a separate course. But we thought that we wanted to give you the most value for your money with this course. This course is structured to more helpful than any other course on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. We break down each lesson and concept with real life examples that you can follow along with to become and Sheets Power User.

Google Slides

Slides let you create pitch decks, project presentations, training modules, and more. Works well with other G Suite products. Advantages are to collaboration and the ability to access content from anywhere with an internet connection. Presentations are being created by multiple users, Slides makes it easy to share and work together. Message comment and brainstorm - build your presentations easily online. Create nice PDFs and more.

What can you do with Slides?

Google Sites

Create a website without coding - connect Google products easily. Collaborate and work together just like other G Suite Products. You select the other users who have access - share to the world or share to selected users it’s up to you. Google Sites is a powerful tool for easy website creation, drag and drop launch of your site in minutes.

Easy website creation tool offered by Google

Google Keep

A note-taking application developed by Google. Google Keep allows users to make different kinds of notes, including text, lists, images, and audio. Users can set reminders, which are integrated with Google. Keep can be used to create, manage, and share text-based memos, lists, images, and voice notes across multiple devices

Why use Keep

Google Chrome

Google Meet

And the full 30 day no-questions-asked Udemy instant guarantee is your assurance of the quality and potential of this course.

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We answer questions in this course like:

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